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E-shot for Team Valley Printers

Mailshot for Team Valley Printers

Did you get the e-shot we created and sent out to promote the launch of the new Team Valley Printers website?

Unlike a standard email newsletter design which is created to be sent on a regular basis, an e-shot is a one off email which are used to promote an event, promotion or special offer. This means that the design of an e-shot can be a lot more fun and unique, as their purpose is to act more like a promotional flyer than an information based newsletter style email.

Here is the e-shot design for Team Valley Printers:

E-shot for Team Valley Printers

If you’re interested in the free design offered in the above e-shot  click here to visit the Team Valley Printers Website for more information

If you are interested in having an e-shot or  email newsletter designed and would like to discuss your requirements please call us on 0191 491 1525 or use our online contact form.

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