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The future is in 3D

pink 3d guitar

There is a new kid on the hardware block, and it’s name is 3D printing.

There doesn’t seem to be an awful a lot of mainstream attention given to this new process, of making three-dimensional solid objects, of virtually any shape, from a digital concept. Yet the benefits can clearly be seen by the intricate detailing one can achieve, which might otherwise be costly or hard to find a skilled hand to obtain.

There can also be environmental benefits to reduced waste (if the right method and process is conducted), but it is still early days for this method of production.

So, without further adieu, we’ve trawled the interwebs to find some excellent examples of what has already been created, and what possibilities lie ahead.



3D printed bikini, designed by Continuum Fashion

Dita Von Teese in Michael Schmidt by Albert Sanchez


3D dress, modelled by Dita Von Teese, designed by Michael Schmidt



3D printed spectacles and sunglasses, for PQ, designed by Ron Arad

3d full colour mans face


Mcor Technologies announce their full colour 3D printing at RAPID Conference and Expo.

3d printed custom headphones


3D printed headphones, industrial designer Brian Garrett



3D printed “myKEES LACE” business card holder, from studio Eposh

iphone 4/5 maze case


3D printed iPhone 4/5 Maze style case, created and sold by Polychemy

2. 3D Printed Buttons KLEIN


3D printed buttons, Studio Femke Roefs in collaboration with Leoni Werle



3D printed foot, created in 13 hours, as a base for a permanent silicone proesthetic, engineered by Novacopy Inc



3D printed cast, for fractured bones, a concept by Jake Evill

If you had the opportunity, what would you make?

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